New blog engine and relaunch


After many years, my Jekyll blog on Github was abandoned with a dated design.

Based on Medium and it’s fast edit fast publish workflow, I decided to relaunch my site using WordPress. I found it’s a bit big but heavily customizable and has many themes/plugins available.

Based on this, I decided to start fresh but bring some of my old posts here.

Some people need challenges to grow


This post is originally from 2011 but the concept is still valid. Recently while watching some videos from Graham called this “Creativity Switch” where he forces himself a new application(DAW), new environment making this push his creativity. It’s worth a look:

Original Post

Flaviu nailed the exact same feeling I have about lack of new challenges. I quote a paragraph of his post below:

I feel most alive when learning something new. In any field.

Most jobs hire you for being relatively good at something. They want you to keep doing that one thing to increase their efficiency.

While this increases their efficiency in the short run, it hurts them in the long term as you start viewing your job as ‘soul-sucking’.

The lack of a challenge kills one’s potential. On the other hand, having a startup will always be a challenge.

Recently I’m feeling exactly like this. Being in the same company for 6 years brought a lack of motivation to create new solutions and everything seems automatic.

That’s why I try to always keep some side-projects. They could be learning a new language, creating Web app like the ones on my projects page or something related to music. This way I keep my brain from rusting until something great shows up.

Maybe I will try to turn things around soon.

What about you? What keeps you motivated?

Originally posted on 08/12/2011

Sometimes you find great people too late.


Last week, while going thru my daily reading, a post by John Gruber caught my attention.

The post is about the last written piece by Derek K. Miller, who passed away earlier this month after a battle against cancer.

What is enlightening to me is that Derek writes in such a fascinating way that after I read the mentioned post, I could nor stop looking for more of his writing and lead me to return writing.

I really wished I had found his blog earlier to make it part of my reading routine since we shared interest photography, music and tech. Now, what is left is a series of posts as an archive of Derek memories.

Originally posted on 12/05/2011.

My favorite infographics by xkcd

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 21.35.01

All these years reading XKCD comics, I think the infographics are best ones.

Randall puts so many details and the right dose of comic style that they are kept as a reference.

Here are my favorites:

Distance and units

Internet and computers


Originally posted on 16/04/2012